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Friendship sMs March 31, 2009

Posted by bloggerrkumar in Friendship sMs.

Chaand ko garoor hai ki uske paas noor hai,
To kya hua….
Mujhe bhi garoor hai ki mera Dost Langoor hai!


Hum dosti nibhana jante hai.
Zakham tumhare kitne bhi gahre ho,
Hum dawa lagana jaante hai..
Hame bhulane ki galti mat kar na dost,
Hum “Galaa Dabana” bhi jante hai.


Pyar se pyari hai teri dosti.
Jaan hamari hai teri dosti.
Miss call ka syrap or sms ki tablet dete rahena.
Kyu ki ek khubsurat bimari hai teri dosti.


For all d Love u share, For all d ways u care,
For all d times u r there.
U r special and beyond compare.
I just wanna say TAKE CARE..


Yeh dosti meri nahi hamaari hai,
Isliye toh saab rishton si pyaari hai.
Zaroori nahi doston ka roz milna,
Tabhi toh sms,phone calls,mails ka silsila jaari hai!


Dil ki kashti bikhar gayi hoti,
Aur rooh ke zakhm bhar gaye hote.
Zindagi aap jaise dosto ki amanat hai
Varna hum to kabke mar gaye hote…


Friends are like stars.
You can’t always see them,
But u know they are always there for you…


Never abandon old friends. They are hard to replace.
Friendships is like wine:::: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER.
Just like us… I get BETTER, you get OLDER.


Not the lack of love,
But the lack of friendship makes marriages unhappy


Admit I’ll never be the perfect friend.
I’ll never be there always.
I may not make u smile at times but there is one thing I admit I could do.
To be the person I could be for u.


I m not Shakespeare to write about you.
I m not Shelley to sing for u.
I m not Picasso to paint u.
I m your friend who just want to say
I m always with u….


I m sending u “Friendship” Cheque
Of Rs. Happiness/-
When u feel Upset and Alone,
Withdraw it from my Account.
And when u r too Happy,
Deposit in my Account.


Kadam kadam pe hawaon se taluk rakhna,
Dosti k daur main dosti rakhna,
Humari yaadon k sms zaror aaingey,
Bas aap apney dil ka Inbox khali rakhna


One day life asked me:
For how long do u need this friend along with u?
I just cried and dropped a tear in to an ocean and said,
Until u find this drop.


“FRIEND”: who is
F: First for me.
R: Ready anytime for me.
I: Inspires me.
E: Enjoys life with mi.
N: Never forgets me.
D: Dear! Its YOU.

Birth is “START OF LIFE”,
Beauty is “ART OF LIFE”,
Love is “PART OF LIFE”,
Death is “LAST OF LIFE”,
BUT, Friendship is the “HEART OF LIFE”.

Mandiro me Hath Jode jate hai,
Masjido me Hath Failaye jate hai.
Per sirf “DOSTI” hi ek aisa Rishta hai
Jisme Hath Milaye jate hai……… ….

Enter Password F*****.
Code accepted::””–“”:
Welcome”. .” to “v” MY HEART !



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